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By completing this application, you agree:

  • to be bound by the rules of SA H2H, as they may be amended from time to time (Rules);
  • acknowledging it is in the interests of SA H2H and all of its members, to be bound by the member operational policies adopted (and as amended) from time to time by the Committee (Operational Policies);
  • to pay the annual membership fee applicable to your category of membership as determined by the Committee from time to time (Membership Fee); and
  • that SA H2H may use your corporate logo and the fact that you are a Corporate Member of SA H2H in SA H2H’s marketing materials and on SA H2H’s website.

The rights and benefits of a Corporate Member are set out on SA H2H’s website ( and can be found here,

View Association Rules

View Operational Policies

Please note before proceeding:

Membership fees are yearly. To pay in monthly or quarterly instalments, please contact us before completing this form.

In kind contributions from members in lieu of all or part of any annual Membership Fee will be considered by the Committee. Please detail your proposal for in kind contributions at contact us .

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